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Property Management for the Wake County, Granville County, and Franklin County Areas


Property Management done FOR YOU in the Greater Raleigh Areas

Want to maximize the value of your investment properties but having trouble finding the right tenants? Here at Raynor Realty, we handle ALL of your property management needs FOR YOU. Our team of real estate investors are local to the Wake county, Franklinton county, and Granville county areas to make sure your properties are filled with the best possible tenants from each area.

How We Help ALL Types of Investors

Our history of property management success has helped remote investment groups, local business owners, and new to seasoned property owners reach the peak of their investment potential through our property management process. Here’s a couple added bonuses that make us better than our competition:

Lease Guarantees

The tenants we place in your properties will stay the full length of the original lease or we replace them FREE OF CHARGE

Security Deposit Coverage

If Raynor Realty places a screened pet in your property and it damages the property beyond the tenant’s security deposit, then we will pay and ADDITIONAL $1,000 to cover the repairs.

Quick Links to the Property Management Perks We Offer

short term rental management

Fill your property or vacation home for 90-days or less with the best tenants in your area

Have high-quality tenants stay in your properties for the full term of the lease.

Pet Guarantee With Every Agreement

Pet Guarantee With Every Agreement

Make the financial responsibility from screened pets our responsibility - not yours!

brokerage maintenance

Lease Guarantee

Rent collection will never be an issue with moving tenants ever again with our guarantee

Make sure your property is producing profits by finding the highest-quality tenants for your investment properties

Our Mission for Your Property Management Journey

Here at Raynor Realty, our purpose is to advance generational freedom for families through the avenue of growing our clients’ real estate portfolios. We want to create and maintain positive relationships between clients and tenants. Click here and hear more about our passion to help you succeed through your investment properties.


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