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Raynor Realty provides a full-service brokerage team for your investment properties capable for all-sized projects. Our team works to develop a strategy and identify a plan of action. Raynor Realty’s team of seasoned real estate investors combines their expertise approaches to represent every transaction.

Types of Residential Properties We Broker

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Seller Representation

Our seller representation services include the build of a customized, comprehensive marketing & advertising plan which evaluates the investment property, provides sales information, purchase agreements, etc.

Our residential brokerage team runs through a situational analysis by looking at similar properties in the marketplace and assess property strengths, tenant mix, and financing structure to create the best marketing plan for your investments. Our process attracts qualified and ready tenants and will protect your asset for the the best market option available.

Landlord Representation

Raynor Realty’s team of real estate investors provide a range of services to property owners including assessments, financial research analysis, tenant targeting, and tenant signing with expertly negotiated terms to reduce risk.

We take the time to assess your goals for the investment properties and understand what direction to take your portfolio. To construct a thorough targeted marketing approach, we will identify comparable properties in the market based on building strengths, financing structure, and tenant mix. This gives us the ability to carefully consider terms, reduce risk, and strategically position your properties against the competition.

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Buyer Representation

Looking to buy a regular or investment property? Property appraisal, financial analysis, negotiations, document examination and evaluation, project coordination, construction management, and more are all included in our buyer representation services.

Our team has the most investment property expertise in the [insert area] that will benefit you as the client. We not only help you find the best home, but ensure it is both in the perfect location and negotiated to the price you want.


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