Available Listings in Your Area

Find the right rental for you in the greater Raleigh area. Use the filter below to find available rentals in Wake County, Franklinton County, or Granville County!


Whether looking to stay for over or under 90 days, we have all kinds of options for both lengths of your stay! Browse the Rayor Realty listings for your preferred rental stay by clicking the box that works for you.

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Short-Term Rentals

Looking to stay in the Raleigh area for 90-days or less? Browse these rentals and find the property that fits your lifestyle! We have options that place you in the heart of Raleigh and in the surrounding towns if you desire.

Long-Term Rentals

Want to settle down in the Raleigh area for an extended amount of time? Raynor has got you covered with TONS of properties that fit the bustling city life or the quiet rural life. Browse here to find your perfect fit.


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